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Our Process:

1. Discovery and Strategic Framework

  • Our marketing and data science experts take a deep dive into your brand’s goals, business challenges and strategic initiatives. Leveraging these insights, we craft a strategic measurement framework that reflects your unique challenges and market position.
  • We develop consistent KPIs to measure across all your vendors and agencies, and set benchmarks for YOY campaign optimization.
  • Using tools such as the IntelliScore® Engagement Score and Expanded Segmentation, we pinpoint the targets most likely to drive sales and ensure their preferences, brand history and likelihood for conversion are integrated into your marketing strategy.

2. Customer Data Integration

  • We evaluate your data integrity and sources. Then, we fully integrate your analytics to create a comprehensive data flow, and fill in any missing gaps.
  • Our team is experienced in developing data specifications and data flow diagrams to efficiently gather pertinent MCM data from multiple sources. We streamline this process and remove this burden from our clients.
  • With more flexibility than most analytics firms, we’re experts at managing data and integrating it into a model for used in advanced analytics.
  • Once your data is fully integrated, our data scientists leverage our data platform to provide robust insights and data visualizations.

3. Analysis and Insights

  • Our team conducts granular, ongoing campaign measurements, with an emphasis on actionable insights and improved performance.
  • We connect analytics to concrete insights and opportunities for optimization. Our dashboards are more than mere charts and graphs; these interactive data visualizations outline clear ways to immediately boost campaign performance and streamline spend.
  • Using pre-determined KPIs, we measure your marketing vendors and agencies, and communicate optimizations that increase the ROI of their activity.
  • We draw from decades of marketing and data science expertise to identify and implement proven best practices that increase sales and engagement.


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